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Realwire’s campaign to reduce PR spam

Got this today from Realwire, sounds like it would be worth signing up to:

An Inconvenient PR Truth - a campaign to reduce PR spam

Near the end of last year we carried out surveys with recipients of press releases which focused on the extent to which the releases they receive from the PR Industry as a whole are relevant to them. The results were quite startling with 78 per cent of press releases received by the participants being irrelevant to them. In addition more than half of them had taken action to block a sender of releases due to irrelevance.

When asked about RealWire’s performance we compared favourably. Guided by recipient’s feedback we have already taken action to improve our service to them further. However we felt that this issue was of industry wide importance so we decided to start a campaign that aims to tackle PR Spam. By coincidence this has turned out to be a topic on a number of key people's lips at the start of this year.

The campaign is launching today and to learn more visit the campaign website at www.inconvenientprtruth.comWatch a powerful video argument to reduce online PR pollution, based on the results of our research and review a proposed charter to protect journalists, bloggers and publishers from irrelevant PR spam.

We have already started work on some developments to improve our own relevance, but the campaign isn't about us as on our own we are neither the problem or the solution. It is about trying to convince the PR industry to grasp this nettle once and for all. If you are interested in showing your support for the campaign you can sign up on our Activists page or contact us to find out more.

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