Monthly Archives: March 2009

West Midlands IT Showcase

Today I went along to the West Midlands IT Showcase at Millenium Point in Brum. Lots of dynamic companies and some interesting public sector initiatives were there to help Midlands SMEs make the most out of technology to improve their businesses. The following were worth a visit…and the event is still on till 7pm tonight, so not too late to attend.

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Some of the daily tasks of a PR agency administrative assistant

We’ve been really busy and Nadine, who does our admin is off at the mo, so we got a temp in…also called Nadine, a PhD holder who’s filling in time until she gets a job. At the end of her first stint in a PR agency, we got her to summarise what she’s done for us, so if you’re thinking of going into PR admin, here’s what you may be expected to do.

Generally speaking, administrative assistants are responsible for a variety of administrative and clerical duties necessary to run an organisation efficiently. They serve as information and communication managers for an office; plan and schedule meetings and appointments; organise and maintain paper and electronic files; manage projects, conduct research, and disseminate information over the phone, email or websites.

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Six reasons your press release gets binned

As a UK PR agency, part of the work we do for clients is to send out press releases. Here is a great article from Peter Bartram on how to make it into print.

E-mailing out press releases to newspapers and magazines may sound like a great way to get “free” publicity.

The trouble is that thousands of other companies have had the same idea.

I recently asked 89 editors and other journalists what happens to the releases which swamp their e-mail inboxes. The answer was simple: the delete key goes into over-drive.

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