Monthly Archives: October 2009

Samples of media coverage and Vitis tech PR agency update

It’s been another interesting month for our tech PR agency.

I wanted to share just a few pieces of media coverage we have generated for our clients in October, so you get an idea of what we can achieve. It’s hard to put the list in order as the stories mean different things to different clients and we can’t put everything here, so here are some of the ones we are most proud of:

  1. Yuuguu review on BBC’s flagship consumer technology programme – BBC Click
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Midlands PR agency – what types exist

We've been operating as a Midlands PR agency since 2006, so we're pretty new to the region. However, in that short time, we have tried to landscape the PR agency/PR consultancy sector here. Here are our basic intial thoughts and of course we recognise that all agencies are different, so we may not all fit…
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How to make a PR agency / client relationship work

A well thought out targeted PR campaign will bring business benefits, with leads, more positive awareness, support for sales teams and more. But often companies employing PR agencies come away with a bad taste in their mouths. A prospect who subsequently became a client asked me recently: “so what if you don’t manage to achieve what you put in the proposal?” I told him that if we didn’t think we could do it, we would walk away, but PR is a two way street.

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