Monthly Archives: April 2010

Why do PR agencies take on clients they shouldn’t?

Money? Self belief? Misguided self-belief? Unwillingness to pass the business to another agency that may do better? Any more?

So why do I care? Well I have spoken to two companies over the last few weeks and both have been disappointed by their first foray into PR. This unfortunately makes it harder for other PR agencies to convince them that PR can benefit a company.

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Midlands PR agency sponsors Remote Worker Awards

We’re sponsoring the Remote Worker Awards. Check out our press release: Midlands PR agency Vitis PR announced today that it is sponsoring the PR prize for The Remote Worker Awards. Award winning Vitis PR consultancy specializes in providing senior level PR services to its clients. While offering technology public relations, the team has also worked across many other vertical sectors including retail, logistics, healthcare, publishing, financial services, education, recruitment and marketing. 

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