Monthly Archives: September 2010

Midlands PR agency – what types exist

We’ve been operating as a Midlands PR agency since 2006, so we’re pretty new to the region. However, in that short time, we have tried to landscape the PR agency/PR consultancy sector here.

Here are our basic intial thoughts and of course we recognise that all agencies are different, so we may not all fit neatly into one of these categories. Comments welcomed.

The big boys

There are a handful of large PR agencies which handle regional and national accounts. They seem to have a strong pedigree in property, retail and manufacturing related clients and tend to either be part of a national franchise (Freshwater/McCann Erikson) or are owned by one/two (Bright, Wyatt, Willoughby) people. These agencies produce outstanding work which easily rivals London and Manchester based PR agency work.

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PR Training for small companies

Much of our public relations agency experience is with medium and larger sized technology companies. However, we often come across smaller companies that would benefit from PR. Being a small company, we fully understand that the PR needs of small businesses are not so different from those of larger firms: typically they want more potential customers to hear about their products and services.

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