Monthly Archives: May 2011

Tracking social media metrics for web pages

You can track social metrics (the number of likes, shares, tweets etc.) for your web pages by looking at the individual services (e.g. Facebook for example offers 'insights'). If you know how, you can also use snippets of javascript in your pages and get all that info in Google Analytics. But wouldn't it be so…
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Media list building – simple to use SEO tool for public relations

From list building to engaging with influencers to secure coverage for your client's stories, there are striking similarities between many aspects of SEO and mainstream PR work. At Vitis PR we use specialist SEO tools like Open Site Explorer and MajesticSEO as well as our own proprietary tools when providing SEO agency services. While many…
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Women in PR agencies – is there a glass ceiling?

Nowadays, women and men work side by side; achieving the same levels of education, being rewarded with the same qualifications and landing the same jobs at the same companies. In fact, research shows that the latest social and consumption trends are generally being driven by women. Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO of 20-First, one of Europe's leading…
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Electric vehicles: cleantech dream or reality?

In our work on clean technology and automotive PR, we’ve been working Simon Wittenberg. Here’s a guest post written by Simon on the future of electric vehicles in the UK. 

I’m often asked when I think that there will be the mass adoption of the electric car, and I reply with the answer that the shift to zero-emission motoring has started, but the definitive timescale however remains an unknown. This is because there has never been such an important rival to the combustion engine, which has been powering the motorcar for over 100 years.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology, which was once the talk of the town as the future alternative to petrol or diesel power (it is on the road today in the form of the Honda FCX Clarity etc), has been left behind in the cleantech revolution race due to the high cost of this type of powertrain system coupled with it’s relative energy inefficiency, in favour of the hybrid (such as the Toyota Prius and Lexus CT200h models), and subsequently the arrival of the all-electric vehicle.

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Fashion highlights from the Royal Wedding

Even though we are not the Royal Wedding PR agency (our statement about this was an April Fool’s joke, please stop calling us!!), we’ve all been watching and have to put in our own fashion comments, as even tech PRs like fashion.

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