Monthly Archives: March 2016

The 10 hottest tech blog sites that accept guest posts

You are an expert in a technology field, with plenty to share, but where can you post your opinion to draw the right attention to your brand and drive traffic to your website? Guest posting on well-established tech sites that already have a high circulation in and related to your field of expertise is a…
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Why not hire a PR instead of an SEO expert?

PRs can tell stories and write good copy that people want to read and includes SEO links, while SEOs write copy with the primary purpose of securing links and the words don't always seem natural or sit well in an article or post. In our spare time, some of us at Vitis PR also write personal blogs…
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How Will Brexit Affect Technology Companies

There has been much in the news concerning the after effects of the UK leaving the European Union. It can be difficult to get a straight answer when the opposing factions for the Brexit debate are more interested in soundbites and personal rivalries than hard facts. The question for many technology companies is what will…
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