Monthly Archives: December 2016

Round up of 2016 banking breaches – PR example of list use

Listicles are definitely useful to attract readers - whether they are top 10s or 5 tips, they are a great PR tool. Anyway, to help you out if you are writing about cybersecurity in the banking sector, feel free to use our list, but do give us a mention please. If you are planning to…
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Are comments a good tactic in PR?

Over the last month, we've secured comments for our clients in The Register, Daily Telegraph, USA Today, Computing, International Business Times and plenty more publications. Comments are one tactic used to increase company and person name recognition across a number of publications quickly, establishing our spokespeople as experts linked to a specific topic, be it cyber…
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Is MOZ more important than circulation figures now?

So on the media database I use, I have started to see MOZ scores mentioned when the circulation figures are unavailable, so what's happening? First of all, some publications might not be comfortable giving out the circulation figures – they might have various reasons to do so - one of them might be that the…
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