6 tips on how to write winning award entries

As part of our tech PR service offer, we write awards and last night's win of two CRN awards, where we led on writing one and co-wrote the other with the client, made me want to share some tips on how to win:

1. Read the criteria/categories

Now of course you are going to do this aren't you? Well sometimes you may get carried away with your own agenda that you write what you want to write, so make sure that you ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.

2. Prove it

If you say you are the biggest or best at something, prove it, whether that's sales growth, number of devices, team growth, new partners signed up, new initiatives...give tangible facts and figures.

3. Don't stick to a boring format

If you have the opportunity to make your entry more exciting than a flat dull word document do so, it's so much easier and interesting to read. If you can use video, do so, again as it's easier to digest.

4. Talk to the organisers

They receive hundreds of entries a year, so if you are in any doubt about something you are doing, ask them. They are usually a very friendly bunch.

5. Write in a lively manner

You are excited about your achievements, so write in a way that will really engage the reader, use upbeat language and be proud of what you have done - blow your own trumpet.

6. Demonstrate innovation

A new way of doing things is always of interest in tech awards, so really focus on why you are different and "better" than competitors.

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