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US bloggers disclosure tool –

US bloggers are going to need to disclose where they get their info from in the new year. DigComm. just launched – – which addresses the new blogger disclosure guidelines for endorsements and provides a simple and transparent format for disclosures. Text based disclosures will follow a simple code and structure to make...
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What does editorial coverage in the Financial Times do for you?

Today we got one of our IT security clients into the Financial Times Digital Business supplement – this goes out with the FT every second Wednesday. So what does this mean to them? Well firstly, according to my media database, the FT reaches at least 429,381 people. Our client was mentioned along with the likes of...
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The technology we like to use when working virtually

As we’re a virtual PR team, apart from our PCs and phones, we use a lot of software and technology in the cloud to ensure that we can work together effectively as a PR team wherever we are. We did a quick poll of what makes our lives easier and here are our absolute favourites:...
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