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For many businesses, social media brings clear benefit, but is it always useful in business?
Here we give you our views, opnions, experience and tips around making the best use of social media in a business context.
We also look at what social media for business actually covers, the common channels that most people will have heard of – Twitter, facebook, Linkedin, YouTube – as well as some of the more recent or less mainstream channels.

Results are in: Social media experiment or stalking – it works!

Well done Ben Hanlin you did it. Michael McIntyre was the name pulled from the hat and Ben found using social media and performed a magic trick for him. Ben's connections on both Twitter and Facebook helped him to find Michael in pretty short order, as you can see on the video. Already the buzz around…
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Social media experiment or stalking?

Can you use social media to find anyone?

Now, here's an interesting idea: bet your mate £50 that you can use social media to find a celeb and then (in this case) perform a magic trick for said celeb.

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Online PR

We offer online PR services at Vitis Public Relations and this article shares some basic tips for any companies looking to use online PR to generate more traffic to their sites. Firstly, online PR is different from traditional PR which often targets print publications and broadcast media to reach buyers and also influencers, such as…
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Be careful what you tweet

As more people join and monitor what's being said on Twitter, I found an article by Oliver Marks from ZDNet on the famous Fedex Twitter/Email Exchange. Basically an agency employee tweeted that the Fedex HQ wasn't in a nice place, someone at Fedex picked it up and then sent it around Fedex to all the…
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New social media guidelines from CIPR

The CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) has come together with some PR bloggers and updated their social media guidelines. These provide best practice advice and raise awareness of the issues and implications of social media.
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Mastering Twitter

Yesterday's Social media event was attended by around 120 people at Aston Science Park. However, only half of them were on Twitter. I got an e-newsletter today with a guide to mastering Twitter. See you there....I'm Shouting_girl.
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US bloggers disclosure tool –

US bloggers are going to need to disclose where they get their info from in the new year. DigComm. just launched - - which addresses the new blogger disclosure guidelines for endorsements and provides a simple and transparent format for disclosures. Text based disclosures will follow a simple code and structure to make…
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Social media event in Birmingham

Aston Science Park is holding a very useful sounding event on how social media is becoming a must for business success. It’s on 4 Feb and the organisers have let me know that delegates will be getting a neat SMS marketing tool on the day too. :)
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