Fashion highlights from the Royal Wedding

Even though we are not the Royal Wedding PR agency (our statement about this was an April Fool’s joke, please stop calling us!!), we’ve all been watching and have to put in our own fashion comments, as even tech PRs like fashion.

Our fashion highlights:

  • Kate – of course looked fantastic. I loved the Grace Kelly’s wedding dress and so was thrilled to see Kate wearing a dress that had the same sort of influence.
  • Camilla – never thought I’d say this, but I loved the two colour coat, pleats and embroidery, not too sure about the hat though or hair.
  • Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie – loved Beatrice’s coat, but her love of interesting hats didn’t quite work for me. The colour on Eugenie looked great but the bows were a bit fussy….nice shoes though.
  • Victoria Beckham – wasn’t impressed by the dull blue outfit – maybe she was trying not to outshine the bride, but still it was boring – shoes and hat were okay.
  • Princess Anee – loved the colours, was expecting something a bit more subdued, but her outfit looked great.
  • Zara Philips – loved the metallic look.

With Twitter, Facebook full of the Royal Wedding, we also had a laugh as Pippa Middleton fansites starting appearing and actually it looks like the Royal Family have got a great boost from the wedding and overall there is good feeling for them on the internet.

We all hope the marriage lasts and they are happy together.

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