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Which social media sites do SMEs’ use for business?

A recent infographic from Sage looked at how SMEs use social media and which sites they prefer for business. We were surprised to find that Facebook tops the list, with LinkedIn (perhaps the site most SMEs would use for business) coming second. Twitter was third, followed by Google+. Interestingly, only seven per cent of SMEs...
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Q & A with Caroline Hayes, freelance technology journalist

Vitis:      How did you first get into journalism? CH:         I joined the Morgan Grampian (Woolwich, south-east London) graduate training scheme in 1988. It meant that I learned on the job, although then the job still involved a typewriter, typesetters, galleys and proofing on sheets of paper! I learned a lot – not just...
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How do PR agencies charge for their services?

There is no one answer to this question. PR is delivered by all shapes and sizes of agency and the relationship between the marketing manager and the agency often plays a big part in the compensation model. Here, I will run through three of the most popular PR agency payment models: Retainer A retainer is...
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Finding Midlands PR & marketing jobs – tips & recruitment agencies

With universities and colleges kicking out for the summer, many graduates and school-leavers looking for a job in PR and/or marketing may not be sure where to start their search. Alongside these newbies, experienced PRs moving into the region may be looking for their next move. To save you some time, we’ve summarised five recruitment...
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B2B news round up Q2 2012 – what we’ve been up to

We can hardly believe it’s almost July. I guess you could say we’ve been too busy here to even look at the clock – especially considering this is our first update blog post in a while! One benefit of keeping on-the-go has been the amazing coverage we’ve achieved this year. Instead of resting on our...
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Do PR teams really understand your business

What these two instances show is that senior PR teams pitched and won the business and the actual account team didn’t have as much (or even sufficient) experience to deliver on the promises. This isn’t solely a PR agency problem; we have had accountants and solicitors do the same to us – put the inexperienced junior on our account. It’s...
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Looking for a Birmingham PR agency?

I did a little experiment to see what companies could do to find a Birmingham based PR agency – giving myself five minutes, I went searching. My first stop was Google. I entered Birmingham PR agency and found three actual Birmingham agencies. The rest of the search results were directories with listings of agencies, one flash based site that I couldn’t view on my phone and one Leicestershire agency.

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What does a PR agency do?

I get asked this a lot. So here’s a quick view – comments welcomed.

Updated 28/9/12.

A PR agency works for its clients to create a positive perception of the client’s products and services. Specifically they will provide services such as the following. We’ve also added examples of real deliverables that clients can expect against some tactics:

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