Electronics PR agency

The growing UK electronics market is extremely competitive, thanks to how vast the market is and the different sectors it encompasses: consumer electronics, industrial electronics, electronic components, telecoms and networking solutions and platforms. 

The electronics industry itself supports multiple industries including healthcare, automotive, telecommunications, etc and the vital part of all of this are the electronic components that make up switches and circuit boards, amongst other things.

Electronics solve problems and address everyday needs, so use PR to give your visibility in a competitive market!

With the fast pace of new technologies and the constant introduction of new products - each one an intelligently engineered system that claims to be better, faster and more efficient or better at solving a modern day problem. 

Those brands that can effectively convey their stories and cut through the noise of the competition fare the best, so let us help you tell your story as a brand and showcase your industry expertise, thus differentiating it from all the others.

PR challenges facing electronics industry

The more complex your technology or product is, the more effective the storytelling needs to be to convey your key messages, but in an easy to understand way that is also the most impactful. 

Using PR to educate customers as to why your brand is the most effective, and how you can make their lives better and/or easier, will enable your brand to stand apart from the rest of any would-be competitors.

Electronics is a super fast-paced industry and to rise above the competition you need an engaged audience that trusts your brand’s technology is the most viable choice.

Product quality and reliability is also essential as electronics companies need to not only meet strict standards and protocols when it comes to their products and components, but also assure customers that they meet their quality expectations and, perhaps most importantly, reliability demands. 

The safety of electronics components and products is also an important part of PR. If media are talking about how safe they are then that is communicating with potential customers that your brand and products meet these measures. And, as customers become evermore aware of the green issues involved in the production and disposal of electronics products and components. PR messaging around your sustainability practices will put you in good stead with those who are worried about adversely affecting the environment.

What we can do for you

As with all of our clients, our first step is to get to know you, your team and your company in-depth to really find out about you, your unique selling points (USPs) and to help us identify your key success measurements, so we can create a tailored PR plan that is specific to your business and requirements. 

The Vitis PR team reviews what content you already have and then we advise on what would be good to attract the attention of media in your sector and to increase social media engagement.

Just some of the services that we specialise in and can offer to your business are creating a pipeline of news content based on what’s happening at your company, drafting and sending out press releases to secure media coverage, sourcing editorial opportunities, and negotiating and managing those along with drafting if you do not have any authors in-house, pitching and securing interviews and profiles, creating speaker abstracts and expert sheets to secure your spokespeople as podcast guests and speakers at events, to name just a few.

Take a look at our PR Services and let us know what you want – we can advise on what your business needs and provide a plan of action to deliver the results and returns you are after – quickly.

Sample media targets

Electronics Weekly, New Electronics, Electrical Engineering, EE Times. E&T Magazine, Components in Electronics, Design Products and Applications,  eeNews Europe, Electronic Specifier, Electronics Update, Electronics World, Eureka!, Evertiq, The Engineer, Wireless Design Magazine, Production Engineering Solutions.

Why Vitis PR

We have worked with electronics clients from Day One and a few of them are still with us now. We are proud to manage PR for an embedded software consultancy, and an electric vehicle battery designer and manufacturer so we know all of the right media contacts to . But our expertise in the electronics sector from wireless systems like Zigbee to electornic sub-assembliesand mobile devices means we can make best use of your engineers’ time when creating technically-orientated promotional papers and marketing documents.

Just some of the consumer electronic clients that we have worked with include:




ByteSnap Design:


Case Studies

A sample of the clients that we have provided our PR services to, many of which take some of our analyst services: SQS, Silwood and ClearPeople.