Blogging services

Quality content and regular blog posts will help us to position your company, through your website, as an authority in your industry and worth listening to. This in turn leads people to trust you and your company, meaning they are far more likely to visit your website to read news posts and to then take a look at your products and/or services afterwards.

Whether you want regular blog posts on new products or commentary on today’s news items, we can provide you with content that is sure to attract visitors to your website.

Attract and engage visitors

Words are our living so we know which ones to use for engaging your readers. And, you should know in advance, all copy on your website that is written by us will be done so in a way that attracts visitors first while also increasing your SEO rankings. We won’t ever stuff blog posts full of keywords and jargon to create unnatural content. Instead, we will understand your company values are and write our posts in your brand’s particular tone of voice and style. Doing this means we’ll be creating content that is specifically targeted to your customers in a consistent style.

Quality rather than quantity

Some clients prefer to have blogs added to their website on an ad-hoc basis, so only as and when there is something new worth saying, while others want a brand new blog post daily. We can do both, however, on those rare occasions where we think it’s not worth drafting a blog just for the sake of putting a new post on your website, we’ll tell you that. As we always say, “quality rather than quantity” ensures your company’s blog posts are read by visitors.

Search engine rankings

Just because we are not stuffing blog posts with keywords does not mean our posts won’t help you climb the rankings. The more people who visit your website to read the natural content on a regular basis and share your blog posts and other content, the better valued and higher rated it will be.

Social media

If you don’t have the time to keep your social media accounts up to date, why not let us take the task off your hands? We have experience of managing and updating everything from your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and can ensure that your blog content reaches a wider audience.

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