Our SEO services can help you achieve better rankings and help keep you there.  We have been providing technology companies with SEO and/or paid search as stand alone services or combined with our PR activities.

Whether you are a SaaS provider or an electronics consultancy, we have the experience to boost your rankings.

Our process is as follows:

  • We will start with a review of your site to determine whether there are any issues relating to site structure or ‘on-page’ factors that should be addressed – we often find that some straightforward changes are necessary.
  • Next we understand the number and quality of the links to your site as this is one of the most important ranking factors – we look at your link-profile: which sites are linking to you and what that means for your ranking by comparing it with comparable or competing sites can make a significant difference to how well the search engines can index your site.
  • We produce a detailed report that documents the key issues and opportunities for your site with respect to SEO – the report contains clear prioritised actions and the rationale for recommending those actions.
  • We action the report and SEO strategy that we recommend.

Many of the techniques involved in SEO are closely related to core PR services and our SEO offer encompasses profile-building activities that will help build links to your site from other high quality, authoritative sites – increasing the profile of your business while improving your search rankings.

Get in touch now to discuss your SEO requirements.


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