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Vitis PR finalist for CIPR Outstanding Small Consultancy

Award entries has been the theme of some of our recent posts and we’ve got some news of our own around awards. We’re a finalist for the CIPR MIdlands Outstanding Small Consultancy Award 2011. Winners will be announced at the awards night in December. Fingers crossed! It’s been a while since we last put up…
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Links and other resources

This is a selection of links and other online resources that we have used in the past. Directories Public Relations (PR) We're listed in the Public Relations (PR) section of the B2B Index Articles Our article on choosing a B2B PR agency on Business Wings. Press releases Our PR Agency office in Birmingham release.
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Top April Fool’s Day Office Pranks

April Fool's Day pranks were high on our list of topics of conversation yesterday. Here are our thoughts on the top ten office pranks to play on colleagues and your boss, this April Fool's Day: Put signs on all the exit doors saying "Please use other door". Poke holes in the paper / plastic cups…
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A great day for our tech PR agency

The 22nd February 2011 has been a pretty darned good day for us, so as it's 21.20 pm and definitely time to knock off. I thought I'd share why we're a happy bunch today. 1. Interview with Information Age for our testing and quality assurance client in London. Short write up already and hopefully more to come. …
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Why we love technology PR

Wow, what a great week!  It’s been really exciting as we started it on Monday morning by giving a presentation to one of our clients’ sales teams on the value of PR and how they could help us get more exposure on their behalf.

We’ve had more than our average share of broadcast PR this week, with the Gadget Show coming to film at a client and a reporter from ITV Central coming over to find out more about a client for filming later this month.

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Goodbye to 2009 from our tech PR agency

Gosh end of the year already!  2009 has certainly been one of the most interesting and challenging years for our tech PR agency. With client marketing budgets under pressure at the beginning of the year as the recession really began to bite, coupled with the growing interest and use of social media, we started to update the services that we provide to clients, so that we could ensure the best use of budget.

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Tailor your CV to get a job in technology PR

We are noticing an increase in the number of CVs and speculative letters that we are getting for jobs. There’s a mixed bag of people who have been made redundant and those who want to move to an agency, either from in-house or from another agency.

A major problem I have with a lot of CVs is that the writers haven’t even bothered to read our website. We are a technology PR agency, so even a passing reference to technology would show that the CV or letter isn’t just a copy and paste job.

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Midlands PR agency offers DIY PR packages for regional companies

We speak to a lot of regional companies and find that they think that PR is only for the big boys. Together with the UK IT Association, we put together three packages to help even the smallest company benefit from PR. Here’s our press release about the service:

Midlands PR agency offers PR packages for Midlands technology companies

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