Cybersecurity PR agency

The number of cybersecurity threats has increased rapidly as attackers evolve their methods to inflict as much damage on individuals and businesses. Most attackers are after money but there are more nefarious hackers that want to ruin a company’s or public sector entity’s reputation or are attacking it to get to one of their clients.

There are now a huge number of risks that companies need to be aware of, including but not limited to ransomware, cloud security, phishing scams, IoT attacks, and the risks that remote working have brought to our attention. Never a day goes by without some sort of security incident being widely reported in the media, so perhaps it is time to answer the growing demand for reliable security that mitigates cybersecurity issues by promoting your own services.

Cybersecurity concerns are omnipresent nowadays – even the CIA has been hacked!

While most businesses are reluctant to report that they have fallen victim to a cybersecurity incident, mainly due to the risk of reputational damage and negative impact on the company’s finances, all of them also know that the biggest threat to security is not having a security plan in place. Being prepared with a cybersecurity guideline and pans to safeguard against any probability of an attack, or to reduce the impact should one happen, is key for every business.

Rather than relying on their own security knowledge and teams, let us showcase your position as the cybersecurity consultant, solution or service that every business needs to thwart would-be hackers.

PR challenges facing cybersecurity professionals

Companies that have suffered a cybersecurity incident or failure risk customers turning elsewhere as their data may not be safe. This is a crisis that requires an educated and pro-active PR team to swing into action to help you mitigate the disaster of any negative media coverage having an adverse knock-on effect to your business. Reducing the probability of an incident will in turn reduce concerns.

With the increase in hackers and attackers, there has also been a sharp increase in security companies. In such a competitive marketplace, how can you ensure that it is your business that stands out. PR is able to differentiate your company from competitors by focusing on what makes you different, why your solution is the best and what pain point it solves that others do not.

Cybersecurity training and awareness is so important across all industries and companies but do your potential customers know that you offer this to them and their in-house teams? If not, PR can help you to raise awareness of not only your ability to safeguard them but also to position you as an expert with insights into how to switch tactics to combat those that hackers are constantly implementing and testing out.

Demonstrating your own security is key too, as it showcases not just your expertise in this field but also your competence in not falling foul of any threats, risks or incidents so customers are confident that they can trust you with their own security requirements.

Finally, avoid speaking about cybersecurity in a widespan general term. Instead, focus on the specific challenges that industries face. This will help establish you as a security company for each individual sector but also improves your credibility beyond being yet another security product vendor.

What we can do for you

As with all of our clients, our first step is to get to know you, your team and your company in-depth to really find out about you, your unique selling points (USPs) and to help us identify your key success measurements, so we can create a tailored PR plan that is specific to your business and requirements. The Vitis PR team reviews what content you already have and then we advise on what would be good to attract the attention of media in your sector and to increase social media engagement. 

Just some of the services that we specialise in and can offer to your business are creating a pipeline of news content based on what’s happening at your company, drafting and sending out press releases to secure media coverage, sourcing editorial opportunities, and negotiating and managing those along with drafting if you do not have any authors in-house, pitching and securing interviews and profiles, creating speaker abstracts and expert sheets to secure your spokespeople as podcast guests and speakers at events, to name just a few.

Take a look at our PR Services and let us know what you want – we can advise on what your business needs and provide a plan of action to deliver the results and returns you are after.

Sample media targets

SC Magazine, Infosecurity, Dark Reading, Security Week, Forbes, BBC, The Guardian, TEISS, Security Magazine, IT Pro, Bleeping Computer, ZDNet, Silicon UK, Computer Weekly, The Verge, Vigilance Security Magazine, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal.

Why Vitis PR

PR for security systems and software can be difficult and the technology involved can be particularly complex.

Our team's strength is our ability to take highly technical concepts like and write compelling copy that most people outside of security would understand. We not only have a very good understanding of security concepts and issues, we have strong contacts in the information security trade press and a track record of achieving excellent results in security PR for our clients.

Case Studies

A sample of the clients that we have provided our PR services to, many of which take some of our analyst services: SQS, Silwood and ClearPeople.