SaaS & online software

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and online software have revolutionised software delivery by offering applications over the internet. With SaaS, users can access and utilise software without the need for local installation. The combination of SaaS and online software has transformed the industry, streamlining operations and integrating with connected devices and IoT technologies.

Accessibility and scalability are just two benefits SaaS offers over traditional business software installation models

SaaS tends to have lower upfront costs, and is quicker to set up and deploy, with easier upgrades. But there is still a concern around lack ofcontrol, security and the current limited range of applications that a strategic PR campaign can help your company get around.

What are the PR challenges facing SaaS & online software?

SaaS is a highly competitive market, with numerous providers offering similar solutions. Standing out from the competition is a critical PR challenge, but using a PR strategy, companies can clearly communicate their unique value propositions, highlight success stories and demonstrate how their offerings address specific customer pain points that could all have a significant impact on their reputation, customer trust and market position. 

As online software involves the storage and processing of sensitive data, security becomes a paramount concern for customers. So SaaS companies must invest in robust security measures, regularly conduct security audits and proactively communicate their security practices to build trust. 

With increasing regulatory scrutiny on data privacy, SaaS providers must prioritise data protection and privacy compliance. Communicating transparent data handling practices, implementing secure data storage and obtaining necessary certifications are crucial for establishing trust with customers. But you can also use thought leadership articles to demonstrate and showcase your own methods of compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

SaaS applications need to maintain high levels of reliability and uptime to ensure uninterrupted service for customers. Any significant downtime or service disruptions can result in negative publicity and damage your company's reputation. It is crucial for SaaS providers to communicate their reliability measures, redundancy systems, disaster recovery plans and the steps taken to minimise any potential impact on customers.

Timely and effective customer support plays a pivotal role in managing PR challenges. Provide responsive and knowledgeable customer support, so customers know you are committed to resolving issues to keep your positive relationship. Address customer inquiries and concerns promptly, and maintain clear and transparent communication so your customers know that you are actively listening to them. 

The same is true in dealing with negative feedback. In the digital era, online reviews and customer feedback can significantly impact a company's reputation so you should be proactively monitoring and responding to negative feedback, addressing customer concerns promptly and finding constructive solutions. Transparently managing negative reviews, resolving issues and showcasing a commitment to customer satisfaction can help to reduce any potential PR damage.

What we can do for you

At Vitis PR, we understand the significance of leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS) and online software solutions to comprehend your company, team, and organization. This empowers us to curate a tailor-made PR plan that specifically caters to your business and its specific requirements in the digital realm. Our adept team utilizes cutting-edge SaaS and online software tools to thoroughly analyze your existing content and provide astute guidance on capturing the attention of the media within your industry, while enhancing engagement across various digital platforms.

We specialize in a wide range of PR Services that harness the power of SaaS and online software to greatly benefit your business. These encompass leveraging the latest developments within your company's software offerings to create a dynamic pipeline of news content. Through the use of advanced analytics and market research tools, we excel at meticulously crafting and disseminating press releases that secure valuable media coverage for your SaaS products or online software solutions.

Our team also utilizes state-of-the-art media monitoring platforms tailored to the digital landscape. This enables us to skillfully identify editorial opportunities and proficiently manage negotiations and drafting processes, aligning with the agile nature of SaaS and online software businesses. Additionally, we leverage innovative digital platforms and algorithms to showcase your expertise by securing coveted interviews and profiles, as well as crafting compelling thought leadership articles and whitepapers. Furthermore, we employ SaaS and online software strategies to craft engaging speaker abstracts and expert sheets, positioning your key personnel as respected speakers and thought leaders in relevant industry events and webinars.

At Vitis PR, we recognize the transformative power of SaaS and online software in the PR landscape. By integrating these technologies into our services, we can ensure that your business receives optimal media exposure and effectively communicates the unique value of your SaaS offerings or online software solutions to your target audience.

Sample media targets

Computer Weekly, Technology Magazine, IT Pro, Telecom Lead, Digital Journal, Datamantion, Capacity, Enterprise Times, Telecom Talk, TechRadar, Software Magazine, SaaS Mag, SaaS Brief.

Why Vitis PR

We have extensive experience working with SaaS providers and online software companies to help them establish a strong presence in the market. Our track record includes launching pilot programs for innovative SaaS solutions, highlighting software quality issues in various sectors, and engaging with media and analysts specializing in SaaS, online software, and related fields.

Whether it's promoting the benefits of cloud-based software or showcasing the impact of online platforms on industries, we have the expertise to navigate the dynamic landscape of SaaS and online software PR.

Case Studies

A sample of the clients that we have provided our PR services to, many of which take some of our analyst services: SQS, Silwood and ClearPeople.