We've worked with lots of exceptional companies and here are some of our case studies.

  • SaaS – Waste Logics

    How do you make an impression online when your competitors have been in business for decades and yours is a…

  • Web conferencing – Yuuguu

    Instant web-conferencing, online meetings and collaboration platform Issues The web conferencing/unified comms (UC) marketplace comprises major players such as Webex…

  • Networking and collaboration – NextiraOne

    European multinational company that designed, installed, maintained and supported business solutions and communications services for private and Public Sector customers.…

  • Open source – credativ

    credativ is the largest independent Open Source consultancy across Europe with a team of over 30 specialist free software engineers. The…

  • Software quality and testing – SQS

    Software quality specialist selected Vitis PR to increase international profile Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Germany, SQS is the…

  • Mobile phones – Mobile Fun

    Generating awareness with suppliers and international consumers through a highly successful B2B and B2C coverage campaign supported rapid expansion for…


Technology brands we have worked for

Here you can see a list of some of the companies and organisations we work or have worked with:

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Evida logoclearpeople consultancy logo IT sourcing consultancy logo download
Business VoIP phone service provider logo Customer engagement via SMS solution provider logo Language enhancement software provider logo Open source consultancy logo Online collaboration provider logo Web application firewall provider logo Clean water processing solutions provider logo Enterprise mobile solutions provider logo Embedded electronics and software consultancy logo   Software testing consultancy logo Consumer tech retail logo Bike_HUD_logoPC World retailer logo