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The implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brought with it strict rules on the storage, sharing and use of data, and significant fines for companies that were not treating data as strictly private and ensuring it was secure. 

As time has passed since GDPR was introduced, data security has become a demand, while the use of data by businesses has evolved into a decision-making essential tool. Organisations globally now take great responsibility in their data protection, with the data being used to transform businesses and now recognised as a genuine corporate asset.

Informed business decisions are only as good as the data behind them – how secure and accurate is your data?

To succeed in data transformation, the quality of the data held must be reliable, accurate and of the very best quality. Only then can the data be used as the foundation for new data initiatives. Essentially the data needs to be fit for its intended use.

Even PR uses data. Data-driven PR campaigns are simple but powerful, which is the same as it is in business. Data gathered from surveys, market research or any other means can put you ahead of competitors as it gives you unique insights into customer behaviour, purchase preferences or gaps in the market. As a result, this enables you to make informed decisions about what new products you’ll prioritise for faster route to market or new practices to better serve and attract new customers. 

Best quality, reliable, honest, trustworthy and real-time accessible data gives your company a credibility that others may not have and PR can help you highlight the importance of accurate and reliable data in decision-making processes. PR can also assist in explaining how data quality is maintained, thanks to your company having processes in place to regularly review and update your data to ensure it remains accurate and reliable.

PR challenges facing data industry professionals

The biggest challenge in the data industry is the ever-growing volume of data that needs to be handled. Managing such overwhelming amounts as most companies have to work with nowadays can be an immense concern, but PR could showcase your ability to find and fix data quality issues, deal with integration and presentation complexities, and scale data systems efficiently and cost effectively while ensuring security of all data held to avoid any costly compliance fines.

The constant evolution of technology and the need for data (quality, integration, preparation and security) solutions to adapt and keep up with these changes, and comply with new regulations. PR can explain data quality by addressing any concerns around data privacy and security. With the increasing amount of data being collected and shared, PR is an important tool to ensure that customers know that their data is protected from unauthorised access or misuse, thanks to whichever data solution you offer.

There is still a surprising lack of understanding about the use and quality of data, causing concerns with the general public in whether their data is safe or being used in the right way. Using PR, you can generate interest and demand for data solutions with companies that are keen to build a good reputation of trustworthiness with their own clients – especially those that may be hesitant to trust their data to a third party. However, having your data solution heralded in trade and other media titles gives your brand the credibility to instil confidence in would-be clients and their customers so win:win. 

The sheer volume of data that companies are dealing with can make it challenging to effectively manage and maintain high levels of data quality, but if your solution can do so, making their lives easier, then you need PR to communicate that unique selling point.

What we can do for you

At Vitis PR, we prioritise understanding your company, team, and unique selling points (USPs). This allows us to create a customised PR plan that caters specifically to your requirements. Our dedicated team takes the time to review your existing content and provides expert advice on generating media interest within your industry while enhancing social media engagement.

We specialise in PR Services designed to elevate your business. This includes creating a continuous stream of news content based on your company's activities, expertly drafting and distributing press releases to secure valuable media coverage, sourcing editorial opportunities, and adeptly managing negotiations and drafting processes if you lack in-house authors. Additionally, we excel at pitching and securing interviews and profiles, crafting compelling speaker abstracts and expert sheets to secure your spokespeople as podcast guests and event speakers, among other services tailored to your needs.

We invite you to explore our comprehensive  and share your requirements with us. By understanding your business needs, we can provide expert guidance and formulate a strategic plan of action that ensures the results and returns you seek are delivered promptly.

Sample media targets

Diginomica, Datanami, Global Data Review, Information Age, Computer Weekly, Dataversity, DataIQ, Beta News, Data Management Review, Digitalisation World, The Stack and The Register.

Why Vitis PR

We have worked with international and UK-based data integration, data quality, data management, data security and metadata clients. From ensuring that the data is healthy to be used to make better business decisions to leveraging the popularity of Big Data, we’ve helped all sorts of data companies establish and maintain a positive image, create and implement effective communication strategies, handle crisis communication and provide valuable market insights.

Just some of the data sector clients that we have worked with include:

RiT Technologies:

Silwood Technology:

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A sample of the clients that we have provided our PR services to, many of which take some of our analyst services: SQS, Silwood and ClearPeople.