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With the rapid rise in use of software, apps and the growing complexity of connected devices, testing software quality is critical to ensuring they work as intended and that there are no glitches or bugs. Any form of software failure could cause reputational and financial damage to brands, especially if the software underpins a system used by millions.

Imagine not being able to use a payment app on your mobile device because the app wasn’t coded correctly for use on your phone or tablet? This is where software testing and quality assurance (QA) companies step in to put the software through rigorous tests to avoid any could-happen failures and keep your app working as it is should do.

Prevention is better than a cure when it comes to software failures, glitches and bugs

With our reliance on technology high and the number of connected devices increasing, having a PR strategy in place to promote your software testing and quality assurance capabilities and expertise will help bring new customers to you. With the introduction of new technologies and apps and software continuing to evolve at an unprecedented rate, don’t let your company be overtaken by agile companies taking your market share.

We can support your marketing efforts in becoming the specialist software testing and quality assurance consultancy that everyone needs for their entire project’s lifecycle, from start to finish.

What are the PR challenges software testers and QA professionals?

The biggest challenge is without doubt a defect or glitch in the software in production after deployment. This is unpleasant as the tester must prove that testing was carried out and the error was not found in the test environment. Your reputation as a software testing and quality assurance expert is not enough here, you should already have regular meetings with, status reports for and written approvals from all stakeholders. But we can help to safeguard your reputation and manage any fallout.

Another key challenge in software testing is not testing enough. This could be down to limited resources – not enough testers available to test the software or not enough software licences available for testing tools. So what do you need to ensure the client provides enough budget for your required testing resources?

Educating clients around prioritising the level of testing needed for their project is important. PR can help here via thought leadership articles detailing this very issue and offering insight and advice from you, as an industry expert. That in turn will help attract more potential new customers.

Communication issues are also a challenge. Between the development and testing teams, and misunderstandings around the requirements for software features to be tested properly – particularly if a testing team is working across multiple projects or locations. But again, the solution is letting us help your company shout about the need to conduct a quality health check, develop a software quality strategy, build software quality early on in a project, get developers and testers working together right from the start, along with the value of setting up test automation for any large scale repetitive tests.

What we can do for you

As with all of our clients, our first step is to get to know you, your team and your company in-depth to really find out about you, your unique selling points (USPs) and to help us identify your key success measurements, so we can create a tailored PR plan that is specific to your business and requirements. The Vitis PR team reviews what content you already have and then we advise on what would be good to attract the attention of media in your sector and to increase social media engagement.

Just some of the services that we specialise in and can offer to your business are creating a pipeline of news content based on what’s happening at your company, drafting and sending out press releases to secure media coverage, sourcing editorial opportunities, and negotiating and managing those along with drafting if you do not have any authors in-house, pitching and securing interviews and profiles, creating speaker abstracts and expert sheets to secure your spokespeople as podcast guests and speakers at events, to name just a few.

Take a look at our PR Services and let us know what you want – we can advise on what your business needs and provide a plan of action to deliver the results and returns you are after – quickly.

Sample media targets

TEST Magazine, Latest Software Testing Times, Software Development Times, Software World, Electronic Product Design & Test, Electronic Specifier Test & Measurement, Softech INTL, IEEE Software Magazine, Business Cloud, TechTarget: Software Quality, Continuity Insurance & Risk, DevOps, Enterprise Apps Tech, Software Testing Magzine., Quality World, Softei.

Why Vitis PR

Vitis PR’s team have worked with software testing consultancies since 2008 and we have an in-depth knowledge of, and experience of promoting, different testing modes, such as waterfall, agile and automated.

Just some of the software testing and QA sector clients that we have worked with include:

Eurofins Digital Testing, an award-winning international software and digital testing and quality assurance consultancy

Software Quality Systems (SQS), a German provider of digital quality assurance services that was acquired by Assystem Technologies

Case Studies

A sample of the clients that we have provided our PR services to, many of which take some of our analyst services: SQS, Silwood and ClearPeople.