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Business-to-business (B2B) is the exchange of products, services or information between two companies, or businesses, rather than between a business and consumers. For example, B2B is what happens when a wholesaler is supplying stock to an online retailer or a financial company is using a software system provided by a managed service provider for securing client accounts. A B2B technology stack describes all of the software and applications that your company uses and there are various tools and apps, usually supplied by a variety of different businesses that your company is using.

B2B tech is a rapidly evolving field so using PR is a benefit in ensuring companies know about you, so they embrace your tech stack

While consumer tech has transformed our everyday lives, the next innovation cycle belongs to B2B – why? Well your business probably wouldn’t work without cybersecurity solutions. If you’re working remotely, you are likely to be using IoT (internet of things) connected devices. Your finance team may be paying your employees each month via a payment automation system. And your management board should only be making decisions based on AI or big data analysis, but some company somewhere is supplying all of those tech stacks – cybersecurity, IoT, payment automation, AI, and data integration and management and storage solutions.

PR challenges facing B2B technology professionals?

The B2B tech sector is a busy, competitive one, with new cutting-edge technology being introduced all the time. This can make it difficult to stand out from competitors but more than that to close a sale following an enquiry. 

The success of your conversion rate depends on the power behind enhancing your reputation and highlighting your customer journey, both of which would be at the heart of any PR campaign. The sale cycle is complex with twists and turns as you convince multiple stakeholders to buy in so using PR you can explain clearly any complex technology so your clients understand the true value of what your brand is bringing to the table.

Changes in technology trends is another challenge, but if you are offering the best tech stack then that should be enough, shouldn’t it? Well, predicting what everyone should be ready for or what’s coming next is key to success in any firm. Having a PR strategy that includes drafting predictions to send out to media is great here as it alerts their readers to your expertise in keeping ahead of the game and will ensure potential clients know and can plan for which new tech trends are just around the corner.

Helping clients to navigate digital transformation is also a challenge, but the best B2B tech professions can assist clients in adopting and integrating new tech seamlessly while ensuring different systems and platforms smoothly operate with one another without any problems.

What we can do for you

At Vitis PR, our approach to working with clients begins with a thorough understanding of your company, your team, and your unique selling points (USPs). By delving deep into your business and success metrics, we can craft a tailored PR plan that perfectly aligns with your specific needs and requirements.

One of our first steps involves reviewing your existing content to identify opportunities that will captivate media attention in your sector and enhance social media engagement. Our range of specialised services is designed to cater to your PR needs comprehensively.

These services include creating a pipeline of news content based on your company's latest developments, skilfully crafting and distributing press releases to secure media coverage, identifying and securing editorial opportunities, and expertly managing and negotiating them. In cases where you lack in-house authors, we can take on the task of drafting content for you.

Moreover, we excel in securing interviews and profiles, developing compelling speaker abstracts and expert sheets to elevate your spokespeople as sought-after podcast guests and event speakers. This is just a glimpse of the diverse range of services we offer.

We encourage you to explore our PR Services and share your specific requirements with us. Our team is ready to offer expert advice tailored to your business needs. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering prompt and outstanding results, ensuring the success and returns you aspire for.

Sample media targets

The Register, TechRadar Pro, Beta News, Computer Weekly, Computing, ZDNet, TechCrunch, Information Age, IT Pro, ComputerWorld, Business Insider, Fast Company, VentureBeat.

Why Vitis PR

Our B2B technology PR agency team has developed strong contacts with the technology, business, national and regional media. We build our clients' brand profile, regularly securing television, national press and industry press coverage. We blend traditional and online PR to increase visibility of our clients, reaching potential partners, investors, suppliers and customers.

We have technical people in our team; people who can translate engineering or scientific language and product information into words and messages that will appeal to your trade media and when appropriate, broader audience.

We work across a range of B2B technologies including open source, IT security, public sector technology organisations, business intelligence, document management, content management, business process management, biotechnology, telecoms network infrastructure, enterprise software, software testing, web conferencing, digital marketing recruitment, clean tech, VoIP, mobile workforce, outsourcing and more.

Just some of the B2B technology clients that we have worked with include: https://www.vitispr.com/portfolio/.

Case Studies

A sample of the clients that we have provided our PR services to, many of which take some of our analyst services: SQS, Silwood and ClearPeople.