First PR agency job….by our latest recruit

"My time at Vitis has been one full of firsts. It was my first real experience of working within public relations, the first time I have worked from home and the first time I’ve worked in such an interactive way. Working within the field of technology and representing companies offering modern developments in this area is very exciting, not least because we are the first to sample the products.

The most appealing aspect of the job has been the great variety in the tasks I have been set and looking forward to opening my inbox or IM to see what jobs I need to do. Because of the interactive nature in which Vitis operates we can offer specialised PR services to clients in any location, from Birmingham to Germany and this is something I have found fascinating.

The advantage of working in a smaller team is that things get done, there’s no question of who to turn to for support and the advantage of an interactive team is that the support is always just a click away.

For an introduction into the world of PR, working for Vitis has been brilliant. The nature of the clients keeps things relevant and exciting, and each new contract brings new knowledge and the satisfaction of acquiring new technology before everyone else. The experience of the team has meant that every question gets answered and getting advice is never too much of a problem. I enjoy the freedom that working from home allows and look forward to more interesting clients!"

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