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Free press release sites a detailed review

To mention:

  • Most releases seem to take a few days to go live on the sites, though sometimes a release would go live straight away – there seemed to be no discernible pattern as to why that was.
  • At least one of the sites caused our xxx to raise a warning about malware – xxx said the site contained content from a known malware source so we didn’t progress with it.
  • We used our first release as a test to get a feel for the sites, having formed an opinion (and to avoid wasting time on sites that didn’t meet our goasl), we carried out subsequent tests on the top twenty or so sites.

Ever wondered about free press release services? Is it worth posting your news to a free press release site to get your message out to influencers, or perhaps you’re hoping to use the service to build links as part of your SEO efforts? In this, the first of our regular reviews of free press release services, we looked at 83 different sites to find out which are the best and worst. We issued a series of press releases using the sites and evaluated the results in terms of both PR and SEO benefit. Read on to find out which sites deserve your attention.

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