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11 annoying things PRs do when responding to bloggers’ requests

  HARO, ResponseSource and Gorkana are great services for getting journalist and blogger requests. We only really see them from our PR side – a long list of opportunities to get our client in front of the reporter or bloggers audience. So we wanted to turn the tables and see what a friendly blogger (wants...
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Midlands PR agency offers DIY PR packages for regional companies

We speak to a lot of regional companies and find that they think that PR is only for the big boys. Together with the UK IT Association, we put together three packages to help even the smallest company benefit from PR. Here’s our press release about the service:

Midlands PR agency offers PR packages for Midlands technology companies

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Online PR

We offer online PR services at Vitis Public Relations and this article shares some basic tips for any companies looking to use online PR to generate more traffic to their sites.

Firstly, online PR is different from traditional PR which often targets print publications and broadcast media to reach buyers and also influencers, such as analysts. Online PR helps to reach the masses, both locally and globally, via the internet and is quite sophisticated with many options to generate awareness for SMEs of all sizes – and often at no cost.   These include: company mentions on online news sources, twitter company presence, targeting mainstream media with online presence, blogs, forums, podcasts, virtual worlds and social networks.  This list is not exhaustive but gives a few ideas of what can be done.

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