Why we love technology PR

Wow, what a great week!  It’s been really exciting as we started it on Monday morning by giving a presentation to one of our clients’ sales teams on the value of PR and how they could help us get more exposure on their behalf.

We’ve had more than our average share of broadcast PR this week, with the Gadget Show coming to film at a client and a reporter from ITV Central coming over to find out more about a client for filming later this month.

We put out really exciting releases on a three year software testing contract for Specsavers and the implementation of SharePoint DMS for a law firm.   We’re working with a seasoned marketing manager to finalise our marketing plan for the launch of a Zigbee product, with a combination of PR, lead gen, telemarketing, event support and collateral creation to make a big splash – getting cracking next week!

We’re also writing entries for the ISPA and Mobile News awards and we’ve had two new business meetings, one through a partner marketing agency and have written a new business proposal.

On top of that, we’ve still managed to have a laugh at our different media sell in styles, why Solihull Pret has no sushi, having to get up at 6 am two days in a row, 14 hour days, and certain people missing the alarm and getting to the desk at 9.50 am.

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