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The web conferencing/unified comms (UC) marketplace comprises major players such as Webex and GoTo Meeting alongside a host of young start-ups. In 2007, Yuuguu formally launched a ‘free’ version of its product at the Demo event/conf in September 2007. Yuuguu has a unique approach to collaborative working and fills a gap in the market for SMEs and sales organisations that have outgrown existing web conferencing solutions but don’t require a full-blown UC system. Yuuguu initially wanted to grow the user base for the free product and then attract new users and converts from existing web conferencing systems to its income-generating platforms.


Yuuguu is a UK start-up trying to build a presence in a highly competitive and crowded market. Vitis PR was selected to launch Yuuguu’s technology and develop a point of differentiation against its competitors – of simplicity of use, integration of major IM networks and outstanding return on investment for online collaboration.


Vitis PR was engaged to promote its cross platform instant messaging and screen sharing service in August 2008. To maximise a limited budget, Vitis decided to concentrate efforts around major announcements. The first burst of activity supported the launch of Yuuguu free across multiple platforms focusing on the consumer tech and Internet media to reach early adopters and innovators. The campaign was designed to highlight Yuuguu’s innovative approach to the technology, against competitive products, as well as educate the media on the benefits and usage for this technology amongst both consumer and business users of freeware. Activity comprised a UK media tour alongside the placement of technical reviews, case studies and articles in both the US and UK.

Other significant news announcements supported by Vitis included Skype integration in May 2009 and in January 2010 an offering, aimed at the corporate market, which allows users to aggregate all their IM contacts in one place and facilitate ‘instant’ web conferences, collaborative workflow and interactive sales meetings.

The PR campaign for Yuuguu’s corporate offering included video interviews with media, newsletter copy, hosted briefings and technical reviews.

In addition to media relations, Vitis implemented a social media programme including blogger relations, blog posts and running a Twitter feed.

Vitis also managed PR support for major international events: Office 2.0, Web 2.0 NY and FOWA for the company.


Vitis helped drive traffic to the Yuuguu website including 11,000 unique visitors on Skype launch day. The media coverage has helped awareness of Yuuguu to grow virally online. Media Coverage includes:

  1. BBC Click
  2. The Telegraph
  3. PC Advisor
  4. Techradar
  5. Cnet
  6. PC World
  7. V3.co.uk
  8. Techworld
  9. Webworker Daily

What Anish Kapoor, CEO and co-founder of Yuuguu says about Vitis PR:

"Vitis PR has been a great team in getting our stories out to the relevant media and bloggers. They have helped to increase sign ups and ensure that there is content written or shown by respected third parties available on the internet, which in turn helps with our credibility."

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