8 Tech Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Technology evolves daily, but whereas some approaches to the industry fail, there are just as many innovations being made that lead to a more productive future. The following is an overview of the trends of 2021 that will be an integral part of life for everyone regarding the technology they use.

1.       Artificial Intelligence

Although artificial intelligence has made an appearance before 2021, you can expect to see more of AI introduced into everyday life.

The way artificial intelligence will be used will expand vastly. As well as learning more from customer behaviours, hospitals can also use artificial intelligence to better use resources.

2.       Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Repetitive tasks can be dull and time-consuming. Fortunately, skill sets can be better used thanks to the introduction of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA introduced tools into the workplace that allow for the automation of daily and repetitive tasks, which not only free up employees, but also help the business expand in a faster time frame.

3.       Edge Computing

Some tech trends can be more complicated than others, as is the case with edge computing. In layman’s terms, edge computing is an IT infrastructure that allows data to be processed near the source of the data. This ensures there is less latency and more security, and examples of edge computing already exist. Examples include the monitoring of oil rigs, as well as crop management.

4.       Quantum Computing

Problem solving can be a daily occurrence for some businesses and finding a solution can be time-consuming. Quantum computing seeks to counteract this by using more data and advanced algorithms that put modern computing to shame. In short, quantum computing embraces quantum physics and applies it to the computing world to pave the way for a new way of working and problem solving.

5.       Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are often perceived as contenders, but each offers their own value. Virtual reality has allowed companies to present their business in new and exciting ways, including guided tours and information videos. However, augmented reality has garnered just as much attention, as it has allowed business and consumers to build a better relationship via the use of software. Those offering interior design services can give customers an overview of the finished effect, while those selling furniture can use augmented reality to allow the customer to decide faster, as they can determine what the piece looks like in the home.

6.       Blockchain

You often hear blockchain mentioned in connection with Bitcoin, and although the two share a union, they are both exclusive. Blockchain is a system that records information in a way that makes it difficult to cheat the system. The use of blockchain has also had benefits highlighted in the pharmaceutical industry, as it can improve supply chains regarding vaccines and medication. Given how prevalent fraud is in the modern age, it should come as no surprise that technology that can offer more security in many ways has become one of the hot topics of 2021.

7.       The Internet of Things

Although not everyone will have heard of the Internet of Things, it is something many people already use. The system refers to interrelated devices that connect to the Internet and essentially make life easier. Examples introduced so far include Amazon Echo, smart security systems, connected appliances and health monitors. Given the advancements being made in other areas, the IoT will be a trend that continues to evolve and gain more traction in 2021.

8.       5G

There was once a time when mobile Internet access could be considered a rarity. Nowadays, mobile connectivity is essential, which explains why 5G has become so popular. Many assume 5G is merely a faster version of 4G, and although this is true, it offers much more. 5G is designed to deliver lower latency, more network capacity, and more availability. This allows for a more reliable mobile network, which becomes one of the core components of connectivity, making it another top tech trend for 2021.  Although you can expect to encounter other tech trends in 2021, the items listed are not only showing popularity, but also an essential part of the modern infrastructure.

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