Our top 10 tips on drafting engaging blog posts

Our top 10 tips on how to write a blog that will interest and attract readers. 1 Tantalising topics, 2 Honestly human, 3 Current content, 4 Love links…

Following Ranbir’s recent post about a meeting at the ICT Conference where she met an MD whose company doesn’t have a blog, we thought it might help visitors to our technology PR site start their own engaging blogs by giving you our top 10 tips on how to write one that will interest and attract readers:

  1. TANTALISING TOPICS – make sure your blog topics are compelling so they attract your reader’s attention. The topic should offer something of value to your readers – write about your target audience is going to be interested in!
  2. HONESTLY HUMAN – blogs are successful because they provide readers with human opinion rather than a company’s agenda, so ensure your blog is candid. Readers want to know what you think so, if you are totally open with them, they will continue visiting to find out what’s happening in your world and what you’re blogging about today
  3. CURRENT CONTENT – old news is, well, old. Keep things fresh by posting about current news or trends
  4. LOVE LINKS – Don’t be stingy with links to other content (so long as it is relevant). Links provide contextual support for your blog’s content and can be a useful source of new information to your readers (here’s one)
  5. CONTROLLED COPY – why use five words when two will do? Your reader’s time is limited so they won’t waste it reading a long blog. Keep yours 500 words, at the most, or less
  6. HIGHLIGHT HEADLINE – to initially attract readers, your blog’s headline should be snappy. Basically, your readers should know exactly what your blog is about merely by reading the headline – as it’s a direct summary of the blog’s content
  7. SUSTAINED SUBJECTS – there is no point writing about something you know nothing about. You’ll attract more readers by offering your thoughts and advice on subjects you are familiar with and knowledgeable about
  8. DIGESTIBLE DIMENSIONS – as with all reading materials, bullet points are a great way to break up paragraphs and give info in a succinct way. Use them whenever possible as they structure content in an easy to digest format
  9. KEY KEYWORDS – include relevant key words and phrases in your post about the topic you are discussing – especially in the post title. This will ensure your blog appears when those key words are searched for
  10. REGULAR READING – finally, to ensure you continue attracting readers, don’t just blog every once in a while. Set up a blog time table to ensure you post regularly to engage your readers, so they visit more often

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