Yearly Archives: 2013

Q & A with Caroline Hayes, freelance technology journalist

Vitis:      How did you first get into journalism? CH:         I joined the Morgan Grampian (Woolwich, south-east London) graduate training scheme in 1988. It meant that I learned on the job, although then the job still involved a typewriter, typesetters, galleys and proofing on sheets of paper! I learned a lot – not just...
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How do PR agencies charge for their services?

There is no one answer to this question. PR is delivered by all shapes and sizes of agency and the relationship between the marketing manager and the agency often plays a big part in the compensation model. Here, I will run through three of the most popular PR agency payment models: Retainer A retainer is...
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Free Press Release Sites – 2013 test results

Back in 2011 we tested 60 free press release sites to see if it is worth posting your news to a free press release site to get your message out to influencers, or whether it’s worth using the service to build links as part of your SEO efforts. 

We thought it would be interesting to revisit these sites 18 months on to see if the results were the same. 

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