50 billion smart devices can’t be wrong

Cisco predicted back in 2011, that there will 50 billion internet connected devices by the year 2020.

It seems that this figure will become a reality. We’re hearing a lot more about machine to Machine (M2M), the “Internet of Things”, “wearables” and ‘smart technology”, but just what could these terms mean to us?

Fast-forward five years, all our days could look like this. It’s the middle of winter and you’re heading home in the dead of an ice-cold night.  You get to your house:

– the lights are on
– the temperature is an ambient 18 degrees
– and that pile of laundry you’d left in the washing machine is in its final cycle.

All courtesy of you inputting these instructions into your mobile.

Smart technology ranges from wearables (for example watches that alert medics that you’re in trouble) to driverless cars and ‘smart home platforms’ that manage your home for energy efficiency.

We’ve provided PR services to clients within the following sectors: smart meteringsmart home platforms and M2M across auto, health, parking and more.

We’ve seen the excitement around the endless possibilities of smart devices, the opportunities for developers and smaller companies to work with larger organisations, and also heard about concerns re security as more data is made available to companies.

To find out more about how we work with smart technology clients, get in touch.

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