6 reasons why your press release is garbage

Writing content for your business isn’t easy. This is particularly true when it comes to press releases. Many people may think that it is a simple case of writing up an article that gives some more information about your business, but it is more complicated than this.

In fact, it is easier than you would imagine to make a mistake in your press release. Want to know why your press release isn’t as good as you think it is? Here is our guide to the 6 reasons why your press release sucks!

The title is boring

When it comes to making sure that your press release grabs attention, there is nothing more important than the title. The content after the title will never be read if the title doesn’t catch the eye. Not only do you want to make it interesting, but you also need to make sure that you avoid using any clichés. You should also make sure that the title is relevant to the content too.

You have written in first person

One of the most common mistakes that you can make with a press release is to write it in the first person. Think of it as a newspaper article, which should be written in a formal way, but one that is not too stiff. You want to gain attention as well as respect, whilst still delivering a concise message.

You assume they know all about you

Whilst we all hope that we become a well known name, the chances are that not everyone reading your press release will know about who you are. This means that you need to include some basic information when you write out a press release. Particularly within the first few paragraphs. It may seem obvious to you, but it is important that you include this background information as an introduction. When writing a technical release, don't just have a few bullets, remember the detail.

You haven’t checked the grammar

Not everyone is gifted as a writer, but plenty of us recognise how to make sure that the grammar and spelling is okay. Make sure that you read through everything that you have written, as well as getting someone else to read through it too, as this makes sure that the reader isn’t going to be less than impressed by your poor grasp of language. Also, don't forget to make sure that your sentences make sense. Ditch the jargon and ensure that you get to the point in plain English.

It is copied

The worst thing that you can do is to copy your content from someone else. Whilst you can gain inspiration and style from other sources, ultimately what you write should be all your own. Lifting your content from somewhere else is not only an infringement of copyright, which can get you into trouble. But it also doesn’t look particularly professional either. Even copying direct from your website is not a good idea, as that is usually written in a sales style, and you need to write in a factual news style.

It is a begging letter

Whilst a press release is all about promotion, it is not about advertising. Packing it full of phrases that begs and pleads people to buy from you or book in a service, is never a good idea. It will take away the credibility of what you want you want to say.

So, now you know the top mistakes to avoid when writing a press release. Make sure that you don’t commit some of these big errors and have a press release that will really give your business a boost.

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