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How can ChatGPT be used for marketing

ChatGPT, the most recent language model, is an Open AI (Altman, Musk, and other Silicon Valley investors founded an artificial intelligence research non-profit organization in 2015) that was designed and trained solely for conversational engagements. On November 30, OpenAI's Sam Altman released ChatGPT, which has since taken the tech industry and the internet by storm.…
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42 tips on being a great PR exec

          Read - PR is about telling stories, so try to read a newspaper in print or online, and your industry publications every day. Monitor - understand what your competitors and your industry are saying. Whether it's through Google Alerts or setting up your own dashboard using RSS feeds. Focus - be…
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The 10 hottest tech blog sites that accept guest posts

You are an expert in a technology field, with plenty to share, but where can you post your opinion to draw the right attention to your brand and drive traffic to your website? Guest posting on well-established tech sites that already have a high circulation in and related to your field of expertise is a…
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Midlands PR and marketing recruitment agencies

With universities and colleges kicking out for the summer very shortly, many graduates and school-leavers looking for a job in PR and/or marketing may not be sure where to start their search. Alongside these newbies, experienced PRs moving into the region may be looking for their next move. To save you some time, we’ve summarised…
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How to weather a crisis comms storm

BBC execs take note, here’s our advice on what we'd recommend following Apprentice Ahktar’s sex tape shame Not only is The Apprentice compulsive viewing, it is also a prime example of the need for a good/pre-existing crisis management plan. This week’s breaking news story around contestant Solomon Akhtar’s alleged sex tape, which was filmed before…
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iPhone 5 cases reviewed

Got an iPhone 5? Then you probably want to keep it safe in an iPhone 5 case? But which one?

We took a look at some of the cases available on the market and these were our favourites:

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Twitter to Track – technology of the Olympic Games

From the onset, technology has been a key feature to the games. The drama of the Opening Ceremony was created by 70,000 tablets located between the seats in the stands. These tablets had 637,191 lights installed and as the Queen arrived they flashed red, white and blue to create one of the highest resolution Union…
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If imitation is flattery, we could do without this

We updated our website design a few months ago and while doing some routine checking on our Google Analytics stats we noticed page views on strange web pages that were written in Turkish. After some trawling through the interwebs we discovered the cause.

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Vitis team at the Race for Life

Nic and Sue from the Vitis team were out supporting Cancer Research in the Race for Life today. They were out, along with 3,500 other participants raising over £200,000 for charity. Nice one girls!
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