Considerations for a LinkedIn sponsorship campaign

With the news of sponsored emails now available from LinkedIn is now the time to start a B2B campaign via this social platform?

Here I look at some of the things to consider when launching a campaign on LinkedIn to open up a new audience that is not necessarily following your company already on LinkedIN.

LinkedIN sponsorship enables targeting of people by a number of criteria including job title, function, vertical and company size. Budget can be set and campaigns should be tested.

To fully benefit from sponsorship, a company should:

  • decide exactly who its targets are
  • create specific content for each target
    • either by sponsoring a post
    • or creating a text ad
    • also, for specific events or exclusive offers, InMail is an option.

We would recommend target selection first and decision on desired outcome – registrations, follows, likes etc. Sometimes there might not be enough people within your target group, leaving certain campaigns unviable for LinkedIN.

To start a campaign, use campaign manager to add an account, choose a sponsorship option (post, ad or mail), decide what content you want to share and build a target audience.

Target audience selection is straightforward:


Sponsored posts need to add value, either by offering new insight or a time-limited opportunity. We recommend that the use of Pulse can work well in conjunction with sponsorship, allowing the target audience to share content easily. However, if you are looking for people to take a specific action, leading back to your website to a campaign landing page is advisable.


A whitepaper launch would be a good example, but lists, predictions, videos and insight should attract attention if no new collateral has been produced.

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