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For many businesses, social media brings clear benefit, but is it always useful in business?
Here we give you our views, opnions, experience and tips around making the best use of social media in a business context.
We also look at what social media for business actually covers, the common channels that most people will have heard of – Twitter, facebook, Linkedin, YouTube – as well as some of the more recent or less mainstream channels.

Why won’t this blogger write about my product for free?

Some brands think just because they have invented the best thing since sliced bread, then everyone and his dog will want to write, blog, Youtube and Insta about their product/service. Alas, getting the right influencer on side, particularly before any potential competitor does, is not simply a case of telling them about your product/service. In…
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Five ways to increase popularity on social media

Are you tired of posting updates on Facebook that notch up only a handful of likes, mainly from team members or friends and family? Maybe now is the time to learn from clickbait websites that delve the depths of the human psyche to compose the most compelling, click-me headlines for social media. Marketing analysts BuzzSumo…
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11 free tools for your B2B Twitter activity

There are a lot of free tools out there to track hashtags or determine which hashtags to use. We've listed a few here, and also shown below and example of Talkwalker and Hashtagify in use for really basic functions. If you pay, then you'll get a lot more functionality. TALKWALKER - HASHTAGIFY - RITETAG -…
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Considerations for a LinkedIn sponsorship campaign

With the news of sponsored emails now available from LinkedIn is now the time to start a B2B campaign via this social platform? Here I look at some of the things to consider when launching a campaign on LinkedIn to open up a new audience that is not necessarily following your company already on LinkedIN. LinkedIN sponsorship…
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Twitter’s new 10,000 word limit – the good and the bad

Twitter is considering the option of extending how many characters you can tweet at one time. Currently 10,000 characters is the suggestion, which would be the same as the current amount of characters allowed in the private messaging option. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean that you will have long articles overwhelming your timeline. It…
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Social media expo for SMEs

Are you unsure what to do with social media? If so, you could be missing out on the wide range of business opportunities that social media platforms could be bringing to your door on a daily basis. We attended the Social Media Expo in Wolverhampton recently, with around 500 SME delegates seeking insight and advice…
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How to post articles to LinkedIn’s Pulse: an explanation for mere mortals

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing business news and its Pulse posts allow you to share content outside of your own LinkedIn network of connections. To gain exposure using this promotional social media tool, firstly, you need to understand the difference between Pulse and regular LinkedIn updates. An update…
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Is your website ready for Google’s responsive design rule changes?

Google announced back in February that a major update to its mobile search algorithm will go live today (Tuesday 21st April), which we believe will give a boost to the rankings of mobile-friendly site. We’re expecting a mobile-friendly designation on sites that work well on mobile devices and possibly an improvement in the ranking of…
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Eight simple steps to conducting a social media audit

When putting together a truly effective social media strategy, the first thing to do is to look at your current social media platforms and assess if these are successful and, if not, what improvements, if any, need to be made. Social media audits can also be used to help identify priorities, benchmark previous campaigns and…
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