How to write a good award entry

So here are my top tips:

  1. Read the questions, criteria, and categories carefully
  2. Select a category that you think you have a good chance of winning – awards take a lot of effort, so on entering you need to be confident that you can win
  3. Gather all data ensuring that you can create an entry that has some substance
  4. Include powerful facts and figures (and back them up if they seem too good to be true)
  5. Explain why you should win right up front and also remind the judges at the end
  6. Answer each question fully without waffling as you’ll have a word limit to stick too
  7. Highlight text, embolden, use relevant images or more to make your entry stand out
  8. Check out last year’s winners – can you find any judges comments to give you a steer?
  9. Give yourself plenty of time to organise approvals
  10. Make your supporting evidence compelling – sometimes it acts as a tie-breaker

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