Media Revolution – BBC 2 programme

Last night saw the first of a three-part series from the Money Programme that looks at the revolution in newspapers, TV and book publishing called Media Revolution, Stop the Press.

Info from BBC site: “Former national newspaper editor Janet Street-Porter investigates how papers are coping with falling circulation, advertising revenues and the growth of the internet, and asks if newspapers can survive in their current form. In her quest to discover what the future holds for her beloved newspapers, Janet visits newsrooms, printing plants and even spends a morning as a papergirl. With contributions from national editors, advertising gurus and a rare interview with media mogul Rupert Murdoch, Janet examines if papers can survive as new multimedia information giants.”

It was an interesting programme which highlighted the phenomenal growth of online newspapers and their growing importance. A few years ago clients didn’t value media coverage online, but now PR agencies are targeting online media to get their clients’ message out quickly to a broader range of people in a highly measurable way.

Next episode is Thursday 12 February 2009, BBC 2 at 7.30 pm.

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