Vitis PR agency September update

Long time no blog. 

September certainly has been a busy month. We got short-listed for the CIPR PRide award for our work for the ICT Cluster.  Our for the West Midlands ICT Cluster is based on traditional media, social media and event support.

We have finished creating a new identity for an electronics design consultancy and started PR work for them highlighting their presence at the Embedded systems conference next week.  Our client's new website and PR activity is leading to an increase in the amount of search and direct traffic they receive. Actually, we are using SEO techniques that we are implementing on own own site to gain Google page one rankings for terms such as PR agency and technology PR agency.

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It’s snow joke! Using the weather in PR

So the UK is suffering from the effects of too much snow: black ice, gridlock, school closures, overstretched networks etc, etc.

Brits love weather related news. I put snow into Factiva today and looked through the first page's results. Here are some of the mentions of companies, products or services that have got news coverage because of the snow:

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PR agency or SEO consultancy?

I am a director at Vitis PR and we've been looking at how we could improve our search engine visibility without having to hire an SEO consultancy. It would be interesting to hear how other companies have done the same.

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Public perception is very important

I met up with another PR executive from a Midlands PR agency on Friday and she was saying that it was definitely tough at the moment. From only taking retainer clients, they are now considering ad hoc projects which wasn't normal for them. I came back to my desk and did a bit of a search…
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US bloggers disclosure tool –

US bloggers are going to need to disclose where they get their info from in the new year. DigComm. just launched - - which addresses the new blogger disclosure guidelines for endorsements and provides a simple and transparent format for disclosures. Text based disclosures will follow a simple code and structure to make…
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Our tech PR agency won a PR award

It’s been such a busy two weeks that we haven’t been able to catch our breathe to CELEBRATE the fact that we won a Silver PR campaign award for our work with the ICT Cluster.  We won the award from the CIPR, which is the Chartered Institute for PR for the uninitiated. It was a…
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The definition of PR

Today, I was explaining to someone that I work in PR, and they promptly replied that advertising doesn't work for them! 🙂

Oh dear, such is still the confusion between PR and advertising and no doubt a lot of other methods of promoting a company.

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Meet some editors

According to Jo Geary from The Birmingham Post, these editors will be at the next Birmingham Social Media Café meet up on Friday 30 January 2009, so see you there. Mark Thomas: Editor of the Liverpool Daily Post Andrew Campbell: Executive Editor of the Liverpool Echo Colin Patterson: Editor of the Sunday Sun in Newcastle…
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What does editorial coverage in the Financial Times do for you?

Today we got one of our IT security clients into the Financial Times Digital Business supplement – this goes out with the FT every second Wednesday. So what does this mean to them? Well firstly, according to my media database, the FT reaches at least 429,381 people. Our client was mentioned along with the likes of…
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Internet Marketing and PR

Today I sat in on a fantastic presentation by Susan Hallam who gives great advice on Internet Marketing. One thing that she talked about was getting in-bound links from highly rated (by Google) news sites including the BBC. Now it’s not all that easy is it to get in-bound links from high profile news sites…
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