Quiz – could you cut it in PR?

1. How do you approach journalists when pitching? a) I get the juniors to approach journalists, I have new business to win b) I only pitch over lunch or drinks, so try to get them sozzled and agree to write up about my clients c) With a clear understanding of what my story is and why their readers would be interested

 d) I read from a script hoping that they don’t ask questions

2. When do you read the papers?

 a) Every day before 2 pm

 b) I don’t

 c) On the loo, over breakfast or on the train before I get to work

 d) I read Facebook and the Daily Mail, is that enough?

3. What does a PR retainer mean to you?

 a) I will work through the night because I like the client

 b) I down tools once my time is up

 c) An open dialogue with the client to ensure that s/he knows what can be achieved in the fee

 d) Don’t know what a retainer is

4. How do you normally start a press release?

 a) With company positioning including the word leading

 b) With some industry jargon including words like leverage and synergy

 c) With the news

 d) The team doesn’t trust me to write anything yet

5. How do you distribute press releases?

 a) To a list built via my media database

 b) Via a newswire

 c) To a tailored list built up through research

 d) On my client’s website media section

6. How tenacious are you?

 a) Whatever it takes, I will get my client that coverage

 b) Not very, if they like the story, they will get in touch

 c) Not all ideas work, I will learn from failure and move on

 d) I call before, during and after a news story has broken

7. Good copy should be:

 a) Written by a professional copywriter, not me

 b) Like poetry

 c) Clear, to the point and short

 d) As long as possible with lots of ideas in one place

8. What do you like to read?

 a) My pay slip

 b) Everything and anything

 c) Industry and business media and blogs

 d) Closer, Now, Heat and Hello

9. What is your social media profile like?

 a) I am everywhere online

 b) I don’t have one

 c) LinkedIn for work and Facebook for friends and family

 d) My holiday pictures demonstrate my fun side

10. Who or what is Pinterest?

 a) A device to put my drink on – pint rest

 b) Something used for sewing

 c) A virtual pin board, which is great for image and idea sharing

 d) A rapper




Mostly a’s
You are dedicated and definitely have a promising career in PR. Sometimes you are unrealistic about your abilities and need to learn when to say no to your clients and colleagues. Tip: stop taking credit for others’ work.

Mostly b’s
With some guidance, you can make it in the world of PR. Your clients and journalists like you, but mainly because you are paying. Tip: try to avoid bars.

Mostly c’s
You are a PR pro. Your clients and colleagues love you and so do the media and bloggers. A trusted PR, you will go far. Tip: make some mistakes; your team will love you even more for it.

Mostly d’s
PR is probably not the right job for you. You may be better off working in a coffee shop or a call centre. Tip: give in your notice.

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