Social media expo for SMEs

Are you unsure what to do with social media? If so, you could be missing out on the wide range of business opportunities that social media platforms could be bringing to your door on a daily basis.

We attended the Social Media Expo in Wolverhampton recently, with around 500 SME delegates seeking insight and advice on how to make their social media work for them. This event gave experts like us the chance to offer guidance on exactly how social media can be used to promote B2B and B2C opportunities and how SMEs can use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to become truly social businesses.

The social media agenda was kicked off with a presentation around the latest statistics from the world of social media that gave attendees guidance on how their business should be portrayed online, as well as some key tactics – in measuring and sustainability – that are necessary for social media success. Other keynote presentations included, amongst others, how to get clients from social media in just 30 days and why webinars are the most underrated marketing method, before ending with a workshop on how Google for work can grow your business.

For those of you not already in the know, there are eight simple steps to conducting a social media audit, to see which platforms are working for your business and which are just a waste of your time. If you feel like you’re wasting your time on one or more social media channels that don’t bring you new business and increase your engagement with potential customers, we suggest doing an audit of your channels against competitors’ and producing a strategy on how to improve your social media presence, including workable content ideas.

We have also previously posted easy to follow blogs, giving the steps needed for business success on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as an explanation for mere mortals on how to post articles onto LinkedIn’s Pulse news network.

Social media is a great tool to boost your brand’s presence online, drive more visitors to your website and increase both sales and profits, but you need to know exactly what content builds organic leads to your website and increases unique visitors’ traffic. Social media is just one way to do this and, in conjunction with tailored PR, can give you the return on investment that you’re looking for.

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