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Tips from Meet the Media event

Last night, I went to a Meet the Media event here in the Midlands. With journalists from broadcast, print and digital, it was useful and refreshing to hear them knock down some stories pitches that were frankly rubbish, yet build up those with some legs. They all talked about hooks, so who cares about your…
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Six public relations mistakes to avoid

Bloomingdale’s creepy “date rape-y” ad, Ivanka’s “flammable scarves” were just two of the biggest non-political PR blunders over the past year or so.  However, PR blunders aren’t just something the big brands make. Small and medium sized businesses have their fair shares of public relations disasters as well. Even if you’re working with a PR…
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How to make your case in the media

We’ve been really busy over the last week with new clients starting and dealing with existing clients, so we thought we’d share some more of Peter Bartram’s common sense on how to make your case in the media: Question: what have the following got in common – lawyer Shami Chakrabarti, doctor Vivienne Nathanson, architect (Lord) Richard Rogers? Of course, they’re all eminent professionals in one discipline or another. But there’s more than that – they are all supremely expert at putting the views of the organisations they represent in the media.

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