The definition of PR

Anyway, as it's Friday pm, I thought I'd hunt around on some lovely online dictionaries to define PR and here's what I have come up with:

  1. Ask plural noun treated as sing. the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by an organisation or famous person.
  2. Abbr. PR (used with a sing. verb) The art or science of establishing and promoting a favourable relationship with the public. (used with a pl. verb) The methods and activities employed to establish and promote a favourable relationship with the public. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) The degree of success obtained in achieving a favourable relationship with the public.
  3. Your promotion, public image, favourable climate (of opinion); see advertising 1, propaganda.
  4. The Free Dictionary the practice of gaining the public's goodwill and approval for an organisation
  5. Merriam Webster Date: 1807 the business of inducing the public to have understanding for and goodwill toward a person, firm, or institution ; also : the degree of understanding and goodwill achieved

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