Top tips for freelance PR

When we need specialist PR expertise or even just an extra hand, we call on freelance PR experts.

As you may know, if you are reading this blog, public relations services are something that the vast majority of businesses and personal brands need. This is because they desire to be seen positively in the public eye. It takes the right messaging, a talented team that has media knowledge, as well as a good product or service to do this.

If you have skills in this area, know that you have the potential to set yourself on a good career path. The good thing about PR is it’s something that can be done freelance as well as through formal employment. On that note, below are a few top tips if you’re interested in freelance PR.

Learn the basics: If you want to do well as a PR professional, you’ve got to learn the basics. This includes a range of tactics that will help you improve the image of your client in the public eye. Here are a couple to make a note:

Press Releases: If you’ve ever seen a press release before, then you know that it typically reports or shares a story or event that’s deemed notable. As a PR professional, you should know the format of a press release as well as who to send it out to. This means developing good relationships with local newspapers, industry publications, and relevant media outlets.

Articles: Making your client look like a leader or expert in their industry can do so much for their image. One way to do so would be by writing articles and having them published in local as well as trade publications. Get good at writing articles and work on your tone, grammar, and structure.

Partnerships: As a PR professional, one of the things you’ll need to do is partner up with or sponsor a charity event. You should know things such as how to liaise, correspond, and negotiate with people from various levels of an organization.

Insure yourself: Some of the things that you won’t have because of being self-employed are employee benefits and protection. You should, therefore, invest in insurance as a means of protecting you from lawsuits and the likes. Insurance providers such as Hiscox will be familiar with the right policies for you, and can provide tailored public liability cover in line with your exact needs. Look into getting insurance for self employed people from Hiscox so that the risks of being a one-man band are mitigated. More specifically, types of cover you could choose from including professional indemnity insurance, office insurance, or personal accident insurance.

Acquire experience: Before someone is likely to trust you with a PR job, you’re going to need to prove you’re capable of delivering. The easiest way to do this is likely by building up a portfolio. This way, you can easily show what you’ve achieved with past clients. If you don’t have work experience yet, see if you can network and volunteer with people who may need some assistance.

Educate yourself: Although it isn’t mandatory, getting the right education that could help enhance your knowledge and skills is a must. Think about getting a professional PR diploma or a degree to put you a few steps ahead. You may learn how to think strategically and equip you with a strong practical focus.

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