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10 ways to use one piece of PR content

Each piece of content that a PR agency creates, or is given access to, can be repurposed many times, to maximise success with multiple media placements. Content is king when it comes to attracting media interest and the attention of potential customers. After reviewing your blog, website and current content, any good PR agency should…
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A summary of 2020 – from a PR POV

2020 has been a year of intense change for businesses globally, so here’s a summary of how the year went for us……. The year started off brilliantly for the Vitis PR team as we all settled straight back into a busy January after a relaxing and quiet 2019 festive break. I’m sure the same is…
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Top tips for freelance PR

When we need specialist PR expertise or even just an extra hand, we call on freelance PR experts. As you may know, if you are reading this blog, public relations services are something that the vast majority of businesses and personal brands need. This is because they desire to be seen positively in the public…
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How to get into The Financial Times newspaper

How many times have you been approached by a potential client or a member of the management team who wants a guarantee that you can get them into a top tier national newspaper like The Financial Times? Sadly often the number of requests are far higher than the amount of really high-quality news offered by…
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10 top UK retailing technology journalists

Whether working for a bricks and mortar High Street retailer or an e-commerce brand, there are a variety of retail media titles that you should consider targeting for coverage. Here is our list of the ten UK-based retailing technology journalists that you may want to target. It’s not in any particular order, and does not include…
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Will the EU Copyright Directive be the end of Google News in Europe?

The new EU Copyright Directive is causing a lot of unhappiness. While it will affect us PR people, almost 4.5 million Europeans have signed a petition to stop Article 13, the part of European copyright legislation created with the intent to better protect creativity and find effective ways for copyright holders to protect their…
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12 free ways to support low budget PR efforts

Sometimes you need to persuade your bosses that PR is a worthwhile promotional activity, so one way is to try and do it yourself, get some traction and then ask, "can we now please ask the PR professionals, who will be able to do the same or probably better much more efficiently?" If you want…
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What is core PR content and what can I do with it?

Having a core piece of content can help interest media and open up both coverage and other marketing and social media opportunities. But what is a core piece of content? A press release about a brand new technology is a core piece of content, as is an in-depth technical article that breaks down a hot…
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