Useful Public Relations Advice and Tips websites

We get a lot of requests for Public Relations advice, so we put together our list of top useful PR related websites and links which give basic PR advice. As we’re a UK PR agency, a lot of the sites are from the UK and are aimed at SMEs and start ups. Click the name of the site and it’ll take you to the pages we like! If you would like us to add a site, get in touch.

  1. Business Link Link to detailed PR tips pages, featuring an introduction to PR, basic information, useful links and invaluable advice.
  2. Getting Ink Sally Whittle’s blog gives ‘5 ways to get your business in the papers’ targeted at small businesses and offers some free tips and advice re PR.
  3. Small Biz Pod An article on small business’s pitching PR stories and also an interesting podcast featuring Alex Bellinger and journalist David Tebbutt (interview starts at 7 minutes 49 seconds into the podcast!) on how best to handle the media and get good stories covered.
  4. Startups Website for new businesses, link to a page on preparing a PR Campaign.
  5. Bad Pitch - A US blog by Kevin and Richard Laermer featuring insights into the world of PR, frank and honest and offers examples of how not to ‘pitch’ journalists or bloggers.
  6. PR Blog A US blog by Kevin Dugan with links to articles relevant to PR, how to make the most of your business and tips of successful ‘DIY’ Public Relations.
  7. Media Trust A detailed selection of guides featuring some very useful PR tips – aimed at the charity sector, however, advice can be used for other sectors too.
  8. Profile Extra The Chartered Institute of PR’s magazine with some helpful links to a number of articles explaining PR, how to get the most from a campaign and writing messages.
  9. Mashable A list of media outlets that will allow you to distribute press releases for free.
  10. World Exhibitions Club PDF on how to write a press release and talks about the benefits of ‘free advertising’.
  11. PR Web Detailed article on Press Release Tips from this newswire service including links to other relevant topics.
  12. PR Week News and latest headlines about the UK PR world and also features global developments.
  13. Chartered Institute of Public Relations Detailed insight into professional UK PR, training courses, further information, PR directory with some UK PR agencies and news updates.
  14. Media UK Contact details of a lot of UK print and broadcast media continually updated, plus articles written by media professionals. Not as good as the paid for services, but great for very low budget PR.
  15. Ecademy Site for small businesses. Asks people to sign up to receive free advice and tips from PR professionals.

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