Vitis PR moving north of the border with a new Scottish office planned for Q3

Our central location in the Midlands means we are already servicing companies across the country and internationally, but we wanted to expand our portfolio and access the growing number of technology specialist companies north of the border in Bonnie Scotland.

We’re opening in Glenrothes

Situated at the centre of Fife, Glenrothes is close to most of the main Scottish cities including Dundee, Edinburgh, Perth and Stirling. It has direct routes to Aberdeen in the North and Glasgow as well as very close proximity to large towns such as Dunfermline and burghs like Kinross – all of which have a number of technology companies. Only 30 minutes’ drive from Edinburgh Airport, Glenrothes is accessible for our international clients and team members in our Birmingham and London offices, so this makes it ideal as our Northern base.

Glenrothes is an important industrial centre in Scotland, with a number of industrial parks and established technology companies headquartered in, or very close, to the town. It is also a major hub in Scotland’s Silicon Glen.

What is Silicon Glen?

It’s a nickname for the high tech sector of Scotland or, as it is more commonly known, the central belt running straight across the country from Dundee in the East to Inverclyde in the West, through Edinburgh, taking in major settlements such as Fife, Glasgow and Stirling en route.

There are a number of tech companies in Scotland so expanding our operations to a brand new office smack bang in the middle of Silicon Glen will give us access to those potential new clients.

The Silicon Glen part of Scotland is home to a large number of companies from start-ups to established multinational organisations including one of the best-known and most-used international electronic commerce companies’ first ever development centre outside of the US. This was firstly located in Glenrothes itself – yet another reason why the town is our ideal base for Northern operations – but which is now set up only 19 miles away in Dunfermline.

Other reasons for choosing Glenrothes

Other than the fact that one of our employee’s was born and bred in Glenrothes, and is happy to head home to set up our new Scottish office, the town is all set to become home of the UK’s first ever 100% green data centre. This sustainable new data centre will be built at Queensway Business Park, which is less than three miles – and only six minutes’ drive away – from our planned Glenrothes location in Pitteuchar. As we already work with international data centre clients, we think this could be an excellent opportunity for us to put that expertise to further good use.

Glenrothes is a town rich in electronics manufacturing, retail and software companies – all of which we are well-versed in, having worked with a number of established embedded electronics experts, online retailers and software quality and testing clients.

Scotland’s electronics sector contributes one-seventh of its gross domestic product, directly employs 45,000 workers, and accounts for more than half the country’s exports, so technology is still a massive form of income and business for the country.

Glenrothes is home to some of the biggest names in technology innovations, including a company that specialises in windows and skylights. It is also the Scottish location of choice for a major American electronics organisation and headquarters to a worldwide network infrastructure and cabling giant.

Proximity to the Scottish capital

The sheer ease of getting to and from the capital, Edinburgh – where there are technology companies in abundance – also makes Glenrothes the ideal location as we can offer our Scottish clients a very cost-effective service. Being based in Edinburgh would cost an absolute fortune in overheads, which could mean a higher rate for clients, whereas a small yet central office in Glenrothes would cost far less, without sacrificing access to the capital, and surrounding cities and burghs.

So, for any Scottish technology companies looking for fresh business thinking and a flexible agency that can provide the right team for your account rather than the available team, please do get in touch with our very own Scottish lass, Nic (Scott) Corns, to set up an introductory meeting in Q3:

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