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Software as a Service, or online applications (also known as hosted or cloud applications) have grown in popularity in recent years. By taking advantage of the SaaS model, vendors can make their products available to customers around in around the globe. SaaS (together with infrastructure-oriented approaches like IaaS and PaaS) is reducing cost and increasing flexibility compared to traditional software delivery approaches.

The advantages of the SaaS model have led to a crowded market for online applications; a market in which getting noticed is getting more and more difficult and the expertise of a PR agency with knowledge of hosted software more important.

At Vitis PR we can help to create a buzz around your new products, getting your web applications noticed by potential customers,  influencers (especially reviewers) and investors.

We work with you to determine the right PR strategy for your business. For example, we can manage a soft launch with a closed a beta period or carry out a full blown media launch – depending on your goals, the competitive landscape and the maturity of your web application and technology.

Online collaboration provider logoInstant web-conferencing, online meetings and collaboration platform

The web conferencing/unified comms (UC) marketplace comprises major players such as Webex and GoTo Meeting alongside a host of young start-ups. In 2007, Yuuguu formally launched a ‘free’ version of its product at the Demo event/conf in September 2007. Yuuguu has a unique approach to collaborative working and fills a gap in the market for SMEs and sales organisations that have outgrown existing web conferencing solutions but don’t require a full-blown UC system. Yuuguu initially wanted to grow the user base for the free product and then attract new users and converts from existing web conferencing systems to its income-generating platforms.

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“Vitis PR has been a great team in getting our stories out to the relevant media and bloggers. They have helped to increase sign ups and ensure that there is content written or shown by respected third parties available on the internet, which in turn helps with our credibility.”

 Anish Kapoor, CEO and co-founder of Yuuguu