The benefits of promoting an awards program

It is fair to say that no two award programs are the same, but to maximise entrants and reputation, an effective award program must be promoted.

The following is an overview of the benefits that can be enjoyed, as well as the best practices that should be used when promoting the program. 

Improved Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is not as simple as some think, especially when expanding a company/brand. Fortunately, the promotion of an award program can help increase the presence of a business online. 

Sometimes, other SEO efforts need to be used in alignment with an awards program, especially those in competitive sectors. However, those who take the time to market the awards program can often enjoy more website visits, leads and conversions. 

The brand can receive more industry recognition 

Although a business can excel in an industry without running awards, any opportunity to gain more exposure should be welcomed, and an awards program marketed in the right way can achieve this with ease. 

Examples of programs run by technology companies include FotoWare's Media Management awards and Talend's Data Masters Awards, where brands such as Estee Lauder and eBay are winners.

There are plenty of steps that can be taken to ensure the award program is successful, and creates more opportunities for the business as a whole. The following is an overview of the best practices that can be used to promote awareness of an award program.

Create a landing page for the website

A website is not only an excellent way to promote the award program to the relevant audience, but also an immersive landing page is an excellent way to of gathering registrations quickly.  

Create fantastic content

When creating the website, some may believe a simple mention on the website is all that is needed. Unfortunately, insufficient content can mean the award program goes unnoticed.

As such, those wanting to promote their award program effectively must ensure that they create fantastic content surrounding the award program.

Social media is a brilliant promotion tool

Making the most of social media can take some practice, but once a business has found its audience, it is astonishing how many ways the business can be promoted. It is also the ideal tool for cross promoting ticket sales and location information.

Consider a press release

If you want your award program noticed by brand ambassadors, a press release is the perfect way to achieve this.

Although content needs to be created that appeals to your audience, a press release ensures that industry insiders have a greater understanding of your award program and could even lead to powerful social network shares.

There are many social media users that are as classed as professionals and ambassadors, and mentions from such influence can be an excellent way to promote a brand or business. 

Make use of email marketing

A successful award program is only possible with the right audience, and keeping in touch with your audience regularly is a fantastic way to build loyalty regarding attendance.

Email marketing allows you to tailor messages according to your attendee profile, meaning there is more likelihood of interaction.

Get listed on dedicated award sites

Sometimes, there can be an overwhelming amount of award programs available, and some may be unsure of what businesses operate in what sector. In these instances, it is not uncommon for them to visit the following platforms. 

The websites your award program is listed on depends on the industry of the business, but ensuring the listing on all relevant websites enhances the online exposure of the award program.

There can be a lot to consider when putting together an award program. Therefore, it is important to ensure that a checklist is put together to ensure that the event goes ahead without any problems.

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