The best product launches over the last 12 months

The Vitis PR team were recently talking about which new tech products have been unveiled this year that have really caught our attention.

As a tech specialist PR agency we love new tech being introduced and follow all areas of new products and devices and services. Tech moves pretty fast and we’re never usually without something new and cool and unexpected or that fills a gap nowadays. So here are the six we were most impressed with over the last 12 months.

The Nothing Phone was launched only days ago now and is one of the best sustainable materials mobile devices available today. Nothing as a band has a focus on recycled materials, renewable energy and plastic-free packaging so it is gaining rapid popularity with more eco-conscious consumers, which is fantastic. We are a supporter of Go Green companies like Nothing. But we were surprised by the fact that the Nothing Phone was almost double the price (£699) of the original (£399), which is not unexpected if it’s an improvement but was a bit disappointing when compared to Back Market’s recycled product prices where you can get an iPhone 13 for £475 – a £125 saving on the RRP.

Aside from the Nothing launch, we all agreed that we were impressed by Mont Blanc switching its luxury pen and high-end watches face to bring its own wireless earbuds, the MTB 03, to market. While all wireless earbuds kind of look the same now and are packaged the same, these new ones had a glossier finish in line with Mont Blanc’s swisher brand rep. Many media covered the launch, perhaps because the MTB 03 was the very first time ever that Mont Blanc had introduced in-ear headphones. So stepping away from its usual product line worked wonders.

Another switch from the norm is Linn Sondek’s LP12-50 which was designed by former Apple designer Jony Ive. More famous for designing mobile phones, the Linn Sondek LP12-50 is the iPod of turntables and was launched in celebration of the brand’s 50th anniversary. Priced from £50K this limited edition turntable is most definitely out of our price range but just imagine what the sonic improvements Linn have made, combined with the stylish redesign, would mean for this being the centre of your next dinner party. We want one so badly but Linn is only releasing 250 of these bad boys.

We saw a new e-Bike brand called Heybike had launched a foldable model that is seriously affordable. Most e-Bikes are thousands of pounds but the Heybike Ranger S is less than £1250, which makes it ideal for beginners or anyone who wants to give an electric bike a go. We think e-Bikes are marvellous and last year Amazon launches its first fleet of e-cargo bikes in the UK, so we definitely have our eyes on this space as post-pandemic the sale of bicycles jumped. Will the micro-mobility phase continue into 2024?

Another company that launched a new tech product that was outside its wheel house was Zhiyun, an Asian company more commonly known for producing the best camera gimbals in the world. This year it unveiled a smart air purifier that was super small and smart, ideal for carrying in your handbag, backpack or pocket. Again, post-pandemic the air purifier and hand gel markets were massive, but having a compact device that makes air you’re breathing cleaner and also cleans inside your handbag when it is on in there is a game changer for us.

Of course it wouldn’t be a tech product launch blog without some mention of Apple, but while we loved the new Apple Vision Pro, we were actually more impressed by the Rokid Max AR smart glasses launch. Why? Because Apple’s Vision Pro is still not available yet, and is very likely to have a hefty price tag when it does reach the market, but Rokid’s Max AR is on sale right now for just £465.

Impact Biosystems, a recovery start-up run by MIT engineers, had unveiled a new massage gun called PACT at CES. The product was a first full-feedback percussive personalised recovery device that connected to an app on your phone to use real-time muscle data to guide users through the best treatments for recovery in less time. It reached its funding goal on a crowdfunding site in less than one week. which only highlights the continued desire for personalised recovery devices to relieve aches and pains.

Now these are obviously not all of the tech that’s been launched in the past 12 months – if we listed all of the genius stuff and advances in tech here then this blog would be never-ending thanks to how innovative brands are at bringing in the next best thing each and every week. 

So, whether you’re looking at something brand new that excites you or another thing that make your life easier, companies are regularly surprised, shocking, surprising and stunning us with the most amazing advances in tech and some of the funkiest gadgets we never even knew we needed or wanted.

Long may it continue!

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